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About Me

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Thank you for stopping by my personal blog, thats me in the cable car going up to the top of Table Mountain.

I signed up for a network marketing opportunity 6 years ago, I went hell for leather getting in everybody’s face to try and sign them up in the business. I went to every training (and any other event that was offered), soaking up all the knowledge and advice, devoting hours to learning and recruiting… only to realize that this was clearly not an effective way to get new prospects into the business, and the few that I had signed in did very little because of the old method tactics being used.

I was frustrated and just knew – there had to be a better way. I had no knowledge about Internet Marketing, so when I received an e mail  from a friend suggesting that I read a free e book about the lies of the  network industry and how you should not do the business, I decided I had  nothing to lose, and it all made sense. I then wanted to find out more about this type of online marketing. I made it my business to find out about the Attraction model, and purchased Magnetic Sponsoring and I haven’t looked back!
I joined this business is because Kenny & Erica offered a network marketing system called a nerve center which they set up for you, in record time. This type of marketing system comes highly recommended by Mike Dillard co author of Traffic Formula2.
While I spend my time helping out my extended family doing the handyman work around the homes, and helping keep my partners preschool in tip top shape I take time out to study what must be done with my internet marketing business, as I have had many years of frustration cold calling worrying friends and family and not getting anybody to join and even if they did they did not become involved or take ownership. Now that I have a step by step marketing plan with an internet marketing system whereby I can grow my business and help other marketers to do the same.
Let me help you to get started with training….just fill in the details and begin.

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