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Create an online Business

April 23, 2010


Create an online Business

IF you join our team, you will be offered something that spits out Red Hot Qualified Leads for any MLM Business 24/7

Here is a comparison of course cost’s : Course by Mark Hoverson  on Direct Response sold for $ 997  , Mike Dillard Traffic Formula 2, $ 297, great stuff yet you do it all by your self . Here you can start with gold…..

Create an online Business the Easy Way

There are three levels of entry Bronze, Silver, Gold so you can choose which one you would like to start with.

Obliviously you get more if you pay more so when you start on Bronze which is the free package will benefit from the Forum, the Monthly Newsletter and Marketing Tutorials, on Facebook, Myspace, Lead Generation, Sales Funnel Creation and Blogging. If you decide to join at the Silver Level you will pay $ 33 normal price $67 and have access to all the above plus the rest of the Marketing Tutorials which are Daily Method of Operation, Free Classifieds, Marketing Training Camp, Keyword Research, Copywriting Secrets, Social Boookmarking, List Builders, Content Sharing, Twitter Marketing, Forum Marketing, Ezine Advertising, Pay Per Click, Calling Leads, Free Email Accounts.  If you decide to join on the Gold Level you will pay $97 normal price $147 and have access to all of the above Tutorials plus you get a professionally Designed Nerve Center, Custom Logo &branding, Built in Funded Proposal, Full Set of Customizable Autoresponders, Multi Streams of Income, Simple Follow along Tutorials Walk You Through; Using Your Nerve Center, Getting more Reps for Your Primary Business, Building Additional Streams of Income, Using the Auto Responder Service, Driving Endless Free Leads to Your Nerve Center.

If you want to create an online business today you need a Nerve Center, and so do your team members.

To Create an online Business,you have 3 options!

1.    Hire a website designer to make it for you

Cost: $250 or more (depending on the theme you choose and how well you know WordPress and the plugins, widgets and html you will need)

Time; 2 Weeks or more (Again depending on how well you and your designer know WordPress and what is required)

Duplication: difficult. Not many people have $250 to spend on a website. Plus there is no training on how to use it, so wasting alot of time trying to create an online business.

2.    Build It Yourself

Costs: Free –hundreds (Themes –training etc)

Time: 2 weeks plus. If you know WordPress well you might be able to get it done in a week if you know exactly what plugins to get, and how each of them work and needs to be configured as well. Plus, time for coding, theme editing, widget creation, etc

Duplication: Extremely difficult! Most people in this industry are new to on line marketing and having them create an online business with their own website will be difficult. Plus, you will have to train each and every member on how to build/create an online business and how to use it.

3.    Let the Design Team create it for you

Costs: $97 –Lifetime membership and updates

Time: 5 working days or less

Duplication: Easy. All the work gets done for you, and all training is provided-leaving you more time to market your business and build relationships with your current members. Basically, more time to put money in your pocket

If you haven’t yet read the blog entries please do and view the videos on the Nerve Center , how it can help you create your online business and help you with your online marketing efforts, then enter your details submit and start marketing online. Your future is in your hands,Create an online Business today, the easy way!

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